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HMRC Has Grit Thrown Into Its Eyes

HMRC suddenly remembered that they think my company owes them £440 under a CCJ in 2007.
The fact they haven't chased it for so long tells us one thing about them.
I don't think I owe them the money.
The paperwork they sent claim the CCJ was issued on 05/04/2007, speaking to the very nice man representing Her Maj he said it was actually the 5t November... Humm

So I thought i would check on the excellent Trust website and £4 down shows there are no CCJs recorded at all.

CCJs, court orders & fines - Search yourself and others - Trust Online

I wonder what they next move will be.


Probably a change to your tax code so they can recover the money by stealth. They've tried this with me for two years now since I closed my sole-trader business. According to them I should pay, in advance, an advance on the "estimated" tax on an income I could "potentially" earn. In the latest battle with them I offered to go out and earn the money - if they could tell me who was paying me to do it.

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