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If Only It Was Run Like McDonald's

Health chiefs say public uses ERI ‘like McDonald’s’ - Health - Scotsman.com

A HEALTH chief has accused patients of clogging up Edinburgh Royal Infirmary by treating the accident and emergency department “like McDonald’s”....Mr Farquharson said: “The main challenge is in the increasing number of the public accessing A&E in the first place....

Margaret Watt, chairwoman of the Scotland Patients Association, said the NHS should get tough with people abusing A&E services.
She said: “We have got to educate them, to say ‘these are the kind of things you take to your doctor’. We should be saying ‘you have to be registered with a GP and you can’t be accessing treatment from the NHS unless you’re registered with a GP’.”

Bloody customers eh? Turning up and wanting service! Just because they pay for it doesn't mean it is run for them.


To be fair, many of those "turning up" will be people who are NOT paying for it, either on social, or immigrants.

The sort who do not have a GP.

Alan Douglas

It could also be that the GP is not available, as in England. They work office hours now and a five/four day week. I often have to wait 10/14 days for an appointment with my GP.

Having been in and out of the local A & E department quite often during my mother's later years (She kept falling and hurting herself), I can understand why hospital staff get fed up and, of course, genuine patients are kept waiting more. The most obvious at weekends were the drunks and I am happy to say that a dragon of a Sister dealt with them - and none too sympathetically!

Many years ago our own GP (who only took NHS patients) said how much easier his life would be if he could make a small charge for out-of-hours calls. People called him out for trivial reasons because they "knew their rights". Now GPs no longer deal with out of hours calls nor do they arrange for a locum to deal with them. You get a recorded message from something called NHS Direct. So it's not surprising that more people are turning up at hospitals where they can, at least, see a human being.

If you offer the public a "free" service, you shouldn't be surprised when people take you up on it.

Most people dont trust GPs. GPs are incompetent and lazy.

If you want to be fobbed off and prescribed paracetamol, see a GP.

GP incompetence nearly killed my son. In the hospital we saw several simliar cases.

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