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A Proud Parent Post

That's my girls.


Dear Tim,

From one proud Daddy to another : WOW !

Alan Douglas

Congratulations to proud parents and their splendid girls

With regard to the Rt. Hon Greg Knight MP.
His book may be jolly amusing but he is a typical Tory turncoat and Europlastic.
He used to be my MP (Derby North) and was a government whip in the Maastricht debate ( Hiss, boo!)
Whilst he was a Derby MP he was practically an animal rights enthusiast and supporter of a ban on fox hunting.
But when he was looking for a new seat in rural Yorkshire, he became a keen supporter of fox hunting.
Just thought people should know. We English are very bad at remembering such things but I am married to a Scottish lady
and the Scots don't forget.

Lovely. Brought a tear to my eye and took me back 30 years.

That was such a moving clip. Took me back (only) 14 years, when I was watching my foster sister play.

Carry on with the great blog :)

Dan Theecan

Very good stuff indeed.

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