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Scepticism - It's Our Heritage

Is climate scepticism a largely Anglo-Saxon phenomenon? | Leo Hickman | Environment | guardian.co.uk

A new study shows that climate sceptics feature much more prominently in the UK and US media than in other countries
the flourishing of climate scepticism in the US "is related to the funding of American politicians by industry groups and the pervasive practice and power of lobbying".
...what the study does do is remind those of us who are engaged in the "climate debate" that – for a variety of reasons - it is one that is predominantly Anglo-Saxon. A complicated matrix of cultural, geographical and ideological influences has led climate scepticism to flourish in the UK and the US compared to other places, proving once again that "The Science" often only has a walk-on role.

The study itself is behind a paywall so I can only comment on this report of it but to "blame" scepticism on Anglo-Saxonism with a sideswipe at it all being industry funded probably misses the key point.

My guess is the divide is yet again between the Protestant and Catholic mindsets. All that questioning authority awkwardness that has fuelled the Anglo-Saxon economic and scientific dominance. That refusal to accept handed down doctrines without question. The attitude our rulers hate.

Long may it continue.


Your title is incorrect... it should be... "Scepticism - It's Our Heritage - Innit."

I think you've hit on the nub of the matter here. We are taught to question, be it doctrine or science. Politicians hate that, so do those who don't like having a belief challenged. And AGW/CC or whatever has assumed, for some, the same level of belief as a religion...

Well I'm a Catholic and I'm a climate sceptic and there are plenty more in my local church. According to your theory climate scepticism should be raging in the Protestant Scandinavian countries and in the Protestant parts of Germany and Holland. If it is, I haven't noticed.

Personally I suspect the study is probably up to the usual standards of "climate debate" journalism - i.e. a complete load of codswallop.

The head honcho of the Catholics in Aus is a sceptic:


I am a Catholic and a skeptic.

It was a Catholic who tried to protest a corrupt Parliament and King on Nov 5th by blowing the bastrads up.

And Oz has is great share of 'deniers' and 'skeptics', good men and women and true too.

The Climate mob are an heretical religious cult which Catholics have a great deal of experience in combatting.

The Climate mob are an heretical religious cult which Catholics have a great deal of experience in combatting

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!


There's gotta be years' of government money for vital research into this question. We need new Uni departments, Professors and lecturers.

I think the answer to this is much simpler; Most other nations believe they will benefit from a continuance of efforts to reverse climate damage. That is they will be paid by richer countries do mitigate CO2 etc. So fo course they believe! I would believe in Santa Claus if someone paid me to.

Looking at its provenance, I can only conclude that sometimes are best allies are our enemies.

Graymonk, this is not the theory of the author of this blog, it is the theory of the blessed Gaurdian Readers

I feel honour bound to fall in with my co-religionists here.

It is the Catholic Church that stands against the politically correct notions and nostrums of the moment.

Climate scepticism is about knowledge and potential action. We know that global temperatures are rising. We strongly suspect that these rises are due to carbon dioxide. What we disagree about is what should be done about it. The Anglo-American Conservatives say do nothing. The Greens say stop everything. The reality is that we should accept that nothing will be done and it is too late anyway and react accordingly (see What do we do now?).

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