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Fall Forecast Fail

Autumn could be warmest on record - Telegraph

The weather since the start of September has been so unseasonably warm that even average November temperatures for the rest of the month would still make this autumn the second warmest ever recorded.
If the pleasant conditions can hold out for just a little longer, 2011 could even eclipse 2006 and become the hottest since records began 353 years ago.
The Met Office said Sussex was hotter than Syria and Cardigan, Wales was warmer than Corfu this weekend as temperatures reached within 3C of the highest ever recorded at this point in the year, the 20.7C measures at Aber, North Wales, on November 17 1997.
In contrast, Hamah, Syria, saw just 9C on Sunday, and even holiday hot-spot Corfu, Greece, only reached 16C.
Met Office forecaster Charlie Powell said: "There are no signs of any cold weather setting in, with temperatures expected to stay above average for most of the rest of November.
“Not until December will temperatures return to something nearer normal.”

Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Britain faces an early big freeze

Tuesday September 20 2011

BRITAIN was warned yesterday of another big freeze this winter – with snow expected to sweep in as early as next month.
Temperatures are forecast to drop to below average for the time of year over the next few months.
The early onset of winter was predicted by experts at Exacta Weather.
Long-range forecaster James Madden said on its website: “As we head towards winter, I expect to see the first signs of some moderate to heavy snowfalls as early as October or November in certain parts of the UK.
Paul Michaelwaite, forecaster at Netweather, warned “widespread” snowfall could be seen as early as November.
“We are looking at October being cooler than average, and November looks like another cold one, with temperatures below what we would normally expect.
“December looks on the cold side, although we are not looking that far ahead yet.”


Piers Corbyn is very rude about exactaweather. Piers forecast a mild wet October (here is was very mild and not that wet), and is forecasting extreme cold 27 Nov-28 Dec.


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In other words: the weather varies a lot and we can't predict it with any degree of certainty.

This is news?

Tesco's are selling snow shovels do they know something we dont?

Long may the mild weather last. I've hardly needed to turn the heating on yet, so I hope we see some global warming, we are already paying for it.
The tesco's down our way were selling a 5 kilo pot of stuff that cost £5 that will melt the ice, I bought three 3 kilo bags of salt for 98p a bag.
Good Luck this winter
John Gibson

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