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Eco-Criminals - Biggest Single Problem

Woman fined £465 for dropping cigarette outside her home vows not to pay | Mail Online

Council bosses in her home town are cracking down on litter and are warning that cigarette ends are counted as an 'eco-crime'.
Nigel Wheeler, service director for Streetcare at Rhondda Cynon Taf Council said: 'Eco-criminals will not be tolerated. The illegal disposal of cigarette related waste is the biggest single problem throughout the area.
'As well as creating unsightly environmental conditions, the offence can attract vermin.
'The Streetcare Enforcement Team will do all in its power to eradicate this type of behaviour.'


Us older people who once thought that police states, totalitarian governments and fascist regimes were something that foreigners indulged in have a hard time adapting to the modern Britain where all such things run concurrently.

I am currently debating with my local council (Tunbridge Wells) why I should pay a parking fine when where I parked overnight is just short of Southern Water's major roadworks which block the end of my road and prevents access from my road and to the neighbouring road.
This is a road with a lot of double yellow lines and some parking bays requiring residents permits, which I have.
However, the road works have turned this from a through road to a dead end street and taken away a lot of the parking bays. To my mind it also negates the purpose of the double yellows at this point.
We also have competition from the neighbouring road for parking spaces and the road works have taken away a significant number of authorised bays. My contention is that short of driving a mile and walking back, I had no option but to park on the double yellows and that while this is something I would not normally do, in the circumstances it seemed reasonable.
The purpose of the double yellows, even by the council's parking Manager's own department's admission, is to prevent obstruction of the traffic flow or creating a danger or inconvenience to other road users. Since the road is blocked, that purpose is fulfilled by the road works as there is no through traffic to obstruct and the point of the double yellows is thus somewhat moot at the moment.
However, the council's view is that it's a fair cop.
It is the fact of the double yellows that counts and not their purpose and hence violation of the double yellows, while plainly not creating the problem they were designed to prevent, is the point in question. They admit of no mitigation.
They also imply in their letter that someone informed on me.
That's great. That's about the last thing we needed to make our police state complete. We are not far of, though it can't be long coming, the point at which the secret police (Civil Enforcement Officers - traffic warden is too insignificant sounding it seems) will drag citizens off for rubber hose interrogation and collect their sweat stained underwear in jars for later use by their sniffer dogs.
I have asked them to advise what happens in the neighbouring road.
This is a one way street but one end is now blocked. That means that whatever the reasons for it being a one way street, being obstructed at one end obviously cannot be considered mitigation for driving the wrong way in this street. One has to presume that to comply with this regulation the residents have had to portage their cars in pieces around the post box and reassemble them in the street.
Once upon a time when this was a free country and fancy titles and peaked caps didn't give rise to what Eric Sykes called the "peaked cap syndrome" and there were no "Civil Enforcement Officers£ just policemen (and mostly ex servicemen in a force where promotion was through the ranks), the local bobby would have used his native wit and discretion and made a sensible reasonable assessment and let well alone.
Quota driven wardens and petty minded petty officials of what was once a "Civil Service" would likely have used their common sense and overturned such decisions.

So good luck to the lady in question but don't hold your breath. This is a country where when a seagull steals your Cornish pasty which you dropped you will be charged with both littering and feeding the seagulls and frogmarched to a cash point.

JMW, make sure the double yellows are legal, they must have returns.


As there are 'roadworks ahead' the double yellow will be 'broken' assuming the roadworks are carriageway wide in which case the council are screwed. Also get your tape measure and digital camera out as I'll lay odds that the double yellows do not fit the Department of Transports very clear and unambiguous double yellow regulations which are available for all to see on their website.

Take the pictures inc the tape measure and send them and the regulation to the council, the police and the local rag.

"'Eco-criminals will not be tolerated. The illegal disposal of cigarette related waste is the biggest single problem throughout the area.
'As well as creating unsightly environmental conditions, the offence can attract vermin."

Do they get a lot of cigarette chewing vermin? Someone call the naturalists.

Perhaps they meant "vermin" of the human variety.

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