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Is It Coz We Is English?

English move away from being British - Politics - Scotsman.com

THE British identity is in steep decline south of the border with the number of people who would describe themselves as English over British soaring, a poll has revealed.

The study found that the number of people in England who would now describe themselves as English rather than British rose to 63 per cent, as opposed to 41 per cent in 2008.

Of 1,700 adults around Britain, 2 per cent said they were “mainly” European, 19 per cent said British, 1 per cent said Irish, 5 per cent Welsh, 8 per cent Scottish and 63 per cent said English. In 2008, asked which best described how people felt about themselves, 42 per cent said British, 1 per cent said Irish, 4 per cent Welsh, 8 per cent Scottish and 41 per cent said English.

The new poll, published in this month’s Prospect magazine, was carried out as part of a wider study on British attitudes to Europe.

It was claimed last night that the increase in ‘Englishness has been fuelled in part by resentment about perceived Scottish “freebies”, especially concerning university tuition fees, soon to rise to £9,000 a year south of the border.

Calls for an English “parliament” are growing.....


Calls for an English parliament might well be growing, but, unfortunately, nobody within the Establishment, other than Frank Field and Brian Barder, is among those advocating such a legislature. Take a bow, Messrs Field and Barder. If anybody else in the Establishment is calling for an English parliament, I apologise, but I simply heard you say anything on the subject, so you'll have to shout to make yourself heard above the poisonous, vitriolic Brit crap.

I suspect that the number of people self-identifying as English rather than B***ish will only increase when they or their children find that university tuition costs a fortune or they simply can't take up higher education because they can't afford it. So much for Bliar's "education, education, education" guff.

I always refer to myself as English for a much more mundane reason.
Here in the deep south of Andalucia "British" is regarded as synonymous with Gibraltarian.
Need I say more?

The nationality "British" is a civic construct rather than an ethnic one (like "Roman", "American", "Australian" or "Canadian").

To succed and survive, such civic constructs demand a concerted level of common agreement over shared values among otherwise ethnically disparate groups.

If the Scots, Welsh, English and Irish stop believing they're mutually "British", you've got a problem.

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