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BMA Gets A Kicking

Brian Monteith: BMA’s ‘facts’ prove to be all smoke and mirrors - Scotsman.com

The British Medical Association has shown itself to be amateur and ill-informed and doesn’t deserve to be listened to

DO YOU believe what your doctor tells you? When the doctors’ trade union, the British Medical Association, speaks out, do you think it must be a reasoned and rational opinion based upon hard evidence?

I would expect most people would give an unequivocal yes to the first question but be more hesitant about the second simply because, as Adam Smith identified, when groups of people from a profession or trade get together they tend to conspire against the public interest rather than put it first. Nonetheless I think people would give the BMA the benefit of the doubt because they are doctors, not butchers, brewers or bakers.

Last week we found out that doctors, as represented by the BMA, can no longer be trusted. The BMA is no more worthy of trust than any political leader, union boss or second hand car salesman......

I do not exaggerate about not trusting anything the BMA say in future. The whole edifice of modern medicine is based upon hard evidence being rigorously tested ahead of being put before the public. For the BMA to so blithely or cunningly mislead the public deserves the strongest condemnation and the perpetrators to be removed from office.


I am trying to start a fightback against the BMA. Follow this for details:


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