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Ashdown Mocks England And Praises euro

Ashdown defends single currency as Heseltine says Britain will join | The Times (£)

Lord Ashdown suggests that it could be in Britain’s interest to join “sooner than we think”. Writing in The Times, he says that had Britain joined it may have added weight to arguments for “stricter rules, stronger sanctions, more muscular central institutions”.
The former Liberal Democrat leader says that those who supported the idea of the Britain joining need not “hang our heads in shame”.
Instead, there is “euro to the north of us, euro to the south, euro to the east of us and euro to the west. Splendid little England, splendidly isolated, splendidly alone and of course, as ever, splendidly right!”

Hang their heads in shame? The thought had never occurred to me...


Woah, that's TWO superannuated old lefties spouting bollocks like this in the space of two days - the other being the ghastly old has-been (or never-really-was) Heseltine.

Do I detect the hidden hand of Conservative head office, secretly directed by the traitor Cameron?

Are we being softened up, do you think?

The answer to the Euro crisis is obvious. Everyone is out of step except our Jonny (Germany). The bund market is sucking all the liquidity out of the eurozone and will kill off the other 16 members one by one. It needs to leave. Now. Give Frau Scmidt back the DM and the Bundesbank and Germany can be like the UK, in Europe but not the Euro. The rest of the Euro zone can self fund, will not default and can depreciate to restore competitiveness. Simples.

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