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Climategate 2.0 - lalalalala I can't hear you!

Climategate 2: More ado about nothing. Again. | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine

..... it was clear to anyone familiar with how research is done that this was complete and utter bilge; the scientists were not trying to hide anything, were not trying to trick anyone, and were not trying to falsely exaggerate the dangers of climate change....
The evidence is overwhelming, and no amount of noise will stop that. But that’s why the noise is made, to distract you. We are long past the time when this was simple skepticism — the open and honest questioning of evidence — and are now well into full-blown denial. This second release of emails is more evidence for that, especially given the timing.

The team line so far is that there is nothing to see, move along please. It just makes me more curious what is under the blanket.


Take a peek at Watts Up With That - he has an interesting post regarding a certain Dr Jones calling people who queried and rubbished the "Hockey Stick" names. Plus a whole slew of the more damning emails ...

It's funny, I come to exactly a different conclusion that the article quoted.

Even reading the little I've read so far, and even filtering for a good deal of "casual email language" where if I read "I want to die" I translate to "I'd like a nap.", or "I want to kill him" should be interpreted as "I'm frustrated with this person and wish he'd leave me alone." these emails have a certain, erm, stench that tends to imply the writers are hiding things.

Now that's be neither here nor there, except in normal science, hiding stuff is bad and implies that you do not trust your conclusions enough that other people looking at your data will find you lied or are stupid.

I waiting for the obsessives to read through that stinking pile of emails and extract the highlights.

Not to mention (as WUWT does) how often the corresponders - Jones in particular - discuss deleteing emails while silencing any opposition to their agenda.

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