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The Cost Of Green Power

BBC News - Electricity cost to rise due to government policies
In its annual energy statement, the Department of Energy and Climate Change said government policies would increase the cost of electricity by 27% by 2020.

This could push up the cost an average bill by almost £280.

However, the department said that its policies on energy-efficient products, smart meters and home insulation would more than compensate - leaving the average household £94 better off.

Policies driving up bills include payments towards support for the fuel poor, the cost of carbon and renewable energy.

Offshore wind and other large renewable projects are expected to make up, on average, £48 of a household bill.

Solar and other smaller schemes come in at about £6.

A significant portion of the government's anticipated reduction in consumer bills comes from its products policy.

Mandatory efficiency standards on new products are expected to save the average household £154 a year, with loans obtained through the Green Deal saving another £53.

The government also launched a consultation on its Green Deal programme to promote energy efficiency.

The scheme is designed to encourage consumers to take out loans to help make their homes more energy efficient, thereby reducing their energy bills.

So if I borrow lots of money and buy new kit I will save money on the increased power bills. I think it means the more I spend the more I save. The higher the prices the cheaper it is. Or am I confused?


Now a days there are lots of private companies are launching a consultation on its green deal programme to promote energy efficiency. After taking a survey the government also decided to launch a consultation on its Green Deal programme to promote energy efficiency.

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