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Supporters Of Climategate Hacker Should Be Brought To Justice

Climate scientists defend work in wake of new leak of hacked emails | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Edward Markey, a Democrat congressman from Massachusetts who has long advocated for political action on climate change, called on the "US intelligence community" to assist the "British and others" in finding the perpetrator.

"If this happened surrounding nuclear arms talks, we would have the full force of the western world's intelligence community pursuing the perpetrators," he said. "And yet, with the stability of our climate hanging in the balance with these international climate treaty negotiations, these hackers and their supporters are still on the loose. It is time to bring them to justice."

Would justice be awarding them a Nobel Prize?


The hackers should probably be brought to justice simply because they are "hackers". Good luck with that though.

But are they hackers?

Or is this a Wikileaks-style case where an insider passed along info to someone else?

In the age of the Worldwide Web (emphasis on "Worldwide"), prosecuting the "hackers" once the horse has bolted is merely an exercise in damage control.

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