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Power Churnalism Pwnd

Staff guilty as charged over mobiles - UK - Scotsman.com

WORKERS are saving up to £110 a year by charging mobile phones, iPods and other gadgets at work rather than at home.

A report has found that one in five people deliberately recharges their phone in the office in an effort to avoid rising electricity charges at home, adding £1.5 billion a year to employers'€™ power bills.
Six years ago, the low-cost airline Ryanair banned its staff from charging their phones at work, claiming that the extra cost would impact on fares.

Luckily one of the readers of The Scotsman is a touch more cynical of this PR churnalism than the journalists.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 12:26 PM
£1.5bn? Sounds like figures made up on the back of a beer mat after a particularly liquid lunch. That's 49% of the workforce allegedly charging phones at the workplace at least occasionally = 14.24 million workers. £1.5bn = £105.34 each, or say £2.24 per working week. At say 26p per kWh that's 8.6kWh on average per week. So even if the chargers are plugged in constantly for a 35 hour week, that suggests they have an average power consumption of 250 watts each. Sound likely? Chargers only use about 5 watts when they're in use.

(I'm not sure where he gets his 26p a kWh from, I guess that that is over double the real cost so that means twice as much power used as he works out, meaning it is even more bollocks.)


I wonder if they picked up some figures from a tree hugger website, they tend to quote ridiculously high figures for things like wall warts.

A few years someone claimed that TV sets used over 70% of their normal power consumption when on standby, it was repeated in lots of places afterwards.

110 pounds per year, about two pounds per week, to charge a cellphone? What editorial staff let this escape the comic section?

I have a cellphone I leave on the charger 24/7. I also have lighting, air conditioning, computer, etc. and my entire bill per month averages $50 - about $13 or perhaps nine pounds per week (?) - I doubt the cellphone accounts for twenty-odd percent of the bill.

In an office building relying on central air and heating, poer for lifts, kitchen facilities, computers, lighting (not to mention the giant company logo and building lights that burn on through the night for various reasons), employee "gadget recharging" represents a microscopic cost.

Still it fits in with our overall modern fiscal ethos that believes chopping a billion here and there will actually make a difference to a 14 trillion dollar deficit.

Assuming the 60 million inhabitants of uk plugged in at the same time and the chargers use 5 watts.
At 11p/kwh it would be about £33,000 per hour. 24 hours = £792,000.
So on 24/7/365 = nearly £290 million. Ish.

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