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Sweeney Remake - No!

The Sweeney stays loyal to Ford - Telegraph

A film remake of The Sweeney will feature the new ST version of the Ford Focus
Flying Squad detectives Jack Regan and George Carter (Ray Winstone and Ben Drew taking on the roles made famous by John Thaw and Dennis Waterman) will drive the hot-hatchback as they give chase to London's criminals.

NOOOOOO! This is how it should be done. Long shots of real cars.

More below the fold.

Get Your Trousers On, You're Nicked!

The closing credits...

The closing´╗┐ theme really shows why The Sweeney is in a class of its own; after the fireworks of the opening credits and a rollercoaster ride as the plot plays out, this poignant close brings us right down to the reality of a hard, unforgiving world.


Since when has a flippin' Maxi been the pursuit vehicle of choice?!

Sounds wimpy to me.


"will drive" really ought to be "will be driven" and by extension they'd need to be in a car big enough for one or both of the two to be in the back. A Mondeo would do fine. And if they wanted to perpetuate a bit of subtle plugging for Top Gear they could keep reminding The Driver that he is not The Stig. And push the gag even further by having Ben Collins as that driver. NOTE: The DM claim John Thaw is pictured driving a Granada. No he ain't my son. The picture has been reversed.[Look at the numberplate]

Two other quite critical differences to any car chases - the roads will be much more congested and they won't have so many derelict factories and warehouses to razz around.

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