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Met Office Declare 2011 11th Hottest Ever In Time For Durban

Despite warm autumn, 2011 temperatures fail to reach record highs | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Figures from the Met Office published on Tuesday show that 2011 stands at 11th place in the list of warmest years ever, in global mean temperature records stretching back to 1850.

Today's data confirms the overall warming trend, however: of the 10 warmest years on records, nine occurred since 2000. Each successive decade since 1950 has been warmer than the last.

The data is published as governments around the world meet for the second day of the fortnight-long United Nations climate change talks in Durban,

And there was me thinking they might wait a month or so before judging how 2011 had turned out. How unlike those bastard deniers who released Climategate II to derail Durban. Releasing facts just before the conference in an attempt to sway it, scientists wouldn't do that would they?


Not to mention the 11,000 AGW worshipers and campaigners gathered to scream invective if the "governments" don't do as they want them to. Wonder what the "carbon" footprint is for all those airmiles, trains, taxis, buses, air conditioning plants (Durban is very hot and humid at this time of the year!) and all the other things these junketeers will want to do, is? But of course, its all in the cause of saving the planet - at everyone else's expense. Electric power in SA is provided mainly by ESCOM's coal fired power stations ...

Oh dear, and that nice Mr Zuma is asking the West to subsidise "Saving the world" with more cash for his corrupt ministers, hangers-on and Party faithful to purloin and stuff into their Swiss Bank accounts and "trust" funds ....

Poisoning Durban?


If temps actually uniformly increased 1991-2000 and remained at the 1999 level, then 2001-2010 would necessarily be a warmer decade. Even a slight drop would still allow this to be true. This is like announcing it as amazing that a human at ages 11-20 is on average stronger than at ages 1-10.

As to it being warmer than 1851-1860, or even 1931-1940, what evidence is offered to show that this was a terrible tragedy?

I might be worried if the temps were ptojected* as increasing say, ten degrees. Or decreasing three, in the next century.
* not, as "climate scientists" point out, predicted - they project a straight line based on nothing but CO2 [and thus water vapor, the real supposed villain] increasing from today, they do not predict that anything else will change or have any effect

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