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Ruling The Waves?

Argentina launches naval campaign to isolate Falkland Islands - Telegraph

Argentine patrol vessels have boarded 12 Spanish boats, operating under fishing licences issued by the Falkland Islands, for operating “illegally” in disputed waters in recent weeks....
The warning has been backed up in a letter to Aetinape, the Spanish fishing vessels association from the Argentine embassy in Madrid warning boats in the area that “Falklands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and adjoining maritime spaces are an integral part of the Argentine territory.”

The Navy

Now that there are just 31 warships (destroyers and frigates and submarines), there is a mere one Rear Admiral per ship. Most of the ships are commanded at sea by Commanders or lower ranked officers. Very few Captains go to sea in command of a ship. We do still have 300 captains, however, to sail desks and fire up bureaucracies. That’s almost ten captains per warship. There are just two full Admirals and 7 Vice Admirals.
The Senior service is better equipped with Commodores, in case squadrons need to put to sea. There are 80 of those, or almost three per warship.

...We had the planes: Harriers, 74 of them. Now we’ve sold them to the US Marines, who love them. How much did we get for them? Just about enough to buy one of the F-35s destined for our fine new fleet carriers. With a ten year gap in Fleet Air Arm fixed wing operations…..


As I have remarked here before and in a letter published in Shipping Monthly recently, there will be no 2nd Falklands War. This time, when Argentina invades, we will meekly haul down our flag after a few perfunctory protests at that great waste of money, the UN, and withdraw our people. Our Sovereignty will have been demonstrated for what it is, a sham. Without Fleet Carriers and the aircraft to equip them, without the support ships and forces, there is no chance we can hold the Falklands now or at any future time. Blair started the rot with his "negotiations aimed at 'shared' responsibility" and his attempt to give Gibraltar back to Spain. The present government has merely implemented the policy of John Nott and will reap the same result - only this time they will not be able to mount a recovery.

Why does anyone believe the US will be "on our side" in any attempt through the UN? The Secretary of State routinely refers to the Falklands by the Argentinian title and constantly speaks of their "sovereignty."

This attempted piracy by a nation state will go unprotested and unpunished by our ships - because we simply don't have anything there to stop them. A single frigate and a single "ice patrol ship" is hardly a deterrent. Neither is the token Army presence and equally token RAF "defence."

The Harriers sold to the US Marines for spares are GR7/9s without air intercept capability. The Navy retired the Sea Harrier FA2 with its excellent radar in 2005 because it had put all its eggs in the F-35and two super carrier basket. The Admirals stripped the Navy of its aircraft.

In this new age of military interdependence with France surely they will lend us the Charles de Gaulle.

Besides even if you had all the ships back, do you think Pres. Obummer would provide the semi-clandestine help of USN logistics support that Reagan did?

I'm sure Obama would be stabbing you all in the back with gusto.

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