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Global Warming Turning Polar Bears Into Cannibals

BBC News - Polar bear 'cannibalism' pictured

It is an image that is sure to shock many people.

An adult polar bear is seen dragging the body of a cub that it has just killed across the Arctic sea ice.

Polar bears normally hunt seals but if these are not available, the big predators will seek out other sources of food - even their own kind.

... environmental photojournalist Jenny Ross...told BBC News.

".... there are increasing numbers of observations of it occurring, particularly on land where polar bears are trapped ashore, completely food-deprived for extended periods of time due to the loss of sea ice as a result of climate change."

Nothing to do with there being too many bears....


The BBC's own Frozen Planet series discussed how male polar bears would go after cubs in the summer time, as they were unable to hunt seals without the sea ice which retreats every summer. I suppose the question is whether the sea ice disappeared because of climate change or just because of summer.

I also understand that plenty of male predators will eat offspring of their own kind if they get half a chance. That's why the smart females tend to keep the offspring out of the way of the males!

Pictures on the BBC website of an eagle slicer that came down in Berwickshire


And another one caught fire near Ardrossan


Bears kill cubs for the same reason that Lions kill cubs. It's to do with killing off the biological offspring of another male so the female will be receptive for mating, rather than being tied up with raising her new family.

All this 'Climate change' stuff is palpably and undeniably bollocks. Straw clutching of the first order.

What utter nonsense,Inuit people who live close to Polar bears have known for centuries that they are cannibalistic.

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