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A Slippery Slope To Freeing The Market?

Prices spike as butter shortage spreads through Norway - CNN.com

Norwegians are facing an unexpected wrinkle in their Christmas cooking plans. Butter supplies are scarce, and prices have skyrocketed.
A higher demand for butter as a result of low-carb diets and increased interest in natural, home-cooked meals is one reason for the shortage, according to Tine, the country's largest farmer-owned dairy cooperative.
...many stores have been rationing how much butter they sell....
Some Norwegian politicians have criticized the government for acting too slowly, and right-wing bloggers have compared the government's agricultural policies -- which include high tariffs on milk product imports -- to those of former Soviet states.
Authorities detained a Russian citizen Monday who they said was trying to smuggle 90 kilograms (200 pounds) of butter from Germany into Norway. Food safety authorities then warned people not to buy butter from strangers, Norway's TV2 reported.

Who would have thought it? A State near monopoly coupled with border controls maybe isn't the best way to organise a market.


Hold on, they arrested a RUSSIAN smuggling _butter_ into Norway?

My mind is refusing to parse that. Must be my age showing.

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