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Green Energy Won't Cost You Much If You Don't Buy It

Green measures will not lead to 'astronomical' energy bills: analysis | Environment | The Guardian

Household energy bills will rise by £190 by the end of the decade, according to an analysis published on Thursday by the government's official climate change advisers. But fears of "astronomical" rises as a result of building a clean energy system for the UK have been rejected by the report, which says charges on future bills for renewable energy and energy efficiency will contribute just £110 of the increase.
"There have been claims that there will be astronomical bill rises in the next decade due to low-carbon policies. Our analysis disproves this," said David Kennedy, chief executive of the CCC. "We want to demystify this issue and have an honest debate based on facts not assertions."
Investing in low-carbon energy was the "sensible economic path" said Kennedy. "It will be very expensive to solve the problem [of cutting carbon emissions] later. We could ignore the issue and build gas plants, but then we will end up with lots of power stations we will have to scrap."

"There has been a concerted effort by some campaign groups to completely mislead the public into believing that green taxes have been the main cause of rises in fuel bills," said Bob Ward, at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at London School of Economics. "These groups, including the Global Warming Policy Foundation and the Taxpayers' Alliance, appear driven by an extreme ideological opposition to environmental regulation, and have sought to confuse and misinform the public with blatantly inflated figures."

The report doesn't seem to be online yet, so I can only guess at its contents, but a fiver says the figure is based on a reduction in energy use because of green measures in the home, more insulation etc. Where that leaves those of us who are insulated to the hilt already I don't know because the figure we want is not a comparison between what we pay now and what we might pay in the future if we don't turn the gas tap on, but between a unit of energy delivered today and a unit in the future. We can then work the rest out ourselves.
And does it include the costs the taxpayers incurs that are not on the electricity bill?


I do not see how it CAN'T lead to astronomical bills.

You will have electricity that costs 2-10x (incl subsidies) ( and if you think it's 2x the technical term for you is, naive or cretin) what a baseline coal/nuclear fired plant can produce. What exactly more is there to say? You need a report for this?

Oh, yes: it's intrinsically unreliable.

And perhaps: the basis of this ludicrous idea is crap science.

Could you rephrase your comment so a naive cretin like me can understand it? Thanks!

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