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Olympic Badger Shooting

Badger cull gets go-ahead with Olympic-sized police operation - Telegraph

The shooting of thousands of badgers will go ahead next year but not until after the Olympics to prevent police resources being overstretched by the £4 million security operation required for the cull.

Can't they combine the two? It would be the first useful thing to come out of the competition.


Why do you need a "security operation" for this?

I mean, genberal offer a bounty on the blighters, and the pretty soon...oh, wait. The UK... I'm sure there's something utterly insane implied I'm not getting.

Brilliant idea.

A thought occurs to me: what about Muslims or Jewish people, they have this thing about stunning animals and then bleeding them to death, do they not ever go hunting with rifles, or fishing? How do you stun a deer with a bullet, and how do you then lift it up by its hind legs while it bleeds to death? Do they have mobile tripod cranes with them? How do you stun a fish and then bleed it to death? What about road kill?

Your faithfully etc.

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