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Near Record Lows


Noise of the Crowd - Exclusive: concern about climate change has increased in the last year - Interesting things about public opinion

New data suggest that there has been a significant increase in UK concern about climate change.

While the climb in those who say that climate change is a very serious problem, from 43% to 49%, does not restore concern to the level of 2007-2009, it indicates that concern about climate change is not in steady decline....

it’s clear that concern about climate change has climbed since last year’s low point. This should influence how older polls, like the British Social Attitudes survey, are interpreted, as well as undermining the view that steadily fewer people are worried about the issue.

Or the headline could be "Concern At Second Lowest Since Records Began".

It could be the start of a hockeystick upswing or it could be a wobble on a decline.


This is merely a reaction to the rebranding from GoreBall Warming to Climate Change. When people realise that this new scam is the old scam dressed differently they will turn away again.

Reminds me:

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