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Sea Power

HMS York scrambled to Scotland in Russian fleet security scare | Mail Online

A Royal Navy destroyer was scrambled to Scotland in a major security scare after a Russian aircraft carrier came within 30 miles of British shores for the first time in 20 years.

HMS York travelled around 1,000 miles from Portsmouth to keep watch as the 65,000 tonne Admiral Kuznetsov and a number of other battleships anchored on the edge of UK waters.

The vessels did not warn British authorities they were going to come so close to the coast and are thought to have blamed bad weather for having to approach.

Previously defence chiefs would have scrambled Nimrod aircraft from RAF Kinloss in Moray but because the base has been scrapped in cutbacks and a new fleet of planes cancelled, the Navy had no choice but to send HMS York.

HMS York's top speed is 32 knots (36.8mph). I'm not sure if the 1000 miles referenced are wet or dry ones but compared to a Nimrod scrambled hardly seems the right word.

HMS York will be decommissioned next year, presumably if the Russians decide on a seaside patrol then one of the hundreds of our Admirals will scramble a rowing boat from the Serpentine to challenge them.


The Daily Record reports that the Russians have been seen dumping rubbish over the side.


And yet, no politicians elected or uniformed, have lost their jobs.

Doesn't bode well for an independent Scotland, eh Eck? Perhaps you're expecting to get the spare aircraft carrier gratis as a leaving present?

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