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Pricing Up Hurt

Doctor is awarded £4.5m compensation for workplace discrimination trauma | Money | The Guardian

A hospital consultant who suffered mental trauma after colleagues campaigned to get rid of her following maternity leave was awarded record compensation of £4.5m by an employment tribunal.

Dr Eva Michalak, 53, who worked as an obstetrician at Pontefract General Infirmary, won claims for sex and race discrimination and unfair dismissal against the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS trust and three senior staff members.

The trust's medical director, Dr David Dawson, consultant physician Dr Collin White, and the human resources manager Dianne Nicholls were ordered along with the trust to pay Michalak £4,452,206.60. She had originally claimed £9m.

Appalling abuse the poor woman suffered but £4.5 million?

The Armed Forces and Reserve Forces (Compensation Scheme) Order 2011 prices up mental injury as well as physical for our service people. A sobering comparison.


poor bloodly sod in uniform scewed again

Compensation claims like this should not be allowed, after all, in the end the patients and taxpayers end up paying it. Plus, with our Armed Services already suffering discrimination, poor treatment and a lack of any proper concern in Whitehall, perhaps this woman should be ordered to pay it into a fund from which suitable compensation can be made to the troops in future.

I don't know what happened to the people responsible but a fairer system would be to sack them. It isn't easy to bring an employment case to Tribunal and the findings show she had a good case. The award though, seems totally out of proportion. Victims of assault don't get this even though they could have physical injuries as well as psychological damage. Give her what she lost by way of salary and, something for hurt feeling, but nothing more.

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