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Name One Real Job

Clegg slams ‘gleeful’ Eurosceptics and points to millions of jobs at risk - Politics - Scotsman.com

“I read and hear a lot of people breezily predicting, almost with a sense of glee, that the eurozone is going to fall apart and this country is going to drop out of the euro,” Mr Clegg said.

“It would be a triumph of optimism over fact to somehow wish away the fact that millions of people’s livelihoods are dependent on our engagement in Europe,” he said.

Genuinely confused - which jobs would be lost if we just freely traded with a bunch of countries over La Manche? They need our trade more than we need theirs so we wouldn't be blockaded.

Sorry that should have read "which jobs apart from those of party hacks and EU officials would be lost....."


How can the UK drop out of the Euro when they are not in it?

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