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Mercury In The Home - Blame Chinese Coal

Stray showers of mercury getting into food chain | Science | The Guardian

Poisonous metal released as a vapour by burning fuel, then falls back to Earth and gets absorbed by the aquatic ecosystem

Thank goodness no one be a stupid to pressurize people to have little glass bulbs of the stuff all over their homes just waiting to be broken and release ..... oh sorry the greens have..


And, as has been pointed out by heating experts, using these fangled mercury filled nonsensical useless bits of 'lighting apparatus', necessitates turning up the thermostat to equalize the lack of thermal energy emanating from these damnable bulbs [where incandescents were used before].
Thereby, there is no derived benefit, ie, no electrical energy can be saved by using these things [bulbs] in a domestic habitation.

So nothing gained, very poor light and mercury vapour [compulsorily] enters into every household into the bargain - how stupidly ideological is that?

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