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A Man Of The Left, Not Of The People

Professor Sir Michael Dummett | The Times

Throughout his adult life Dummett was a man of the Left. However, he resisted the tendency, oddly prevalent among well-born academic leftists in Britain, to display his adherence to the cause by aping demotic manners and tastes. His cultivated appreciation of fine wine, for example, lasted until the end. His heroic smoking was also pursued with a cavalier disregard for petty regulation.

Of course one wouldn't want to ape the lifestyle of common people when one is a leader of leftist thought.


A real-life genuine absolutely literal Champagne socialist!

In fact they are more common than you think.

I have a dear friend who is an out-and-out died-in-the-wool leftie; reads the Graun (what else), adores the bbc, totally right-on opinions on everything, sneers at freedom, and so on.

How does she make her living? She lets out flats which she owns, having bought them with dividends from her husband's highly-succesful business. Dividends, of course, not salary - taxes are for the little people, you understand. And of course, she doesn't actually work for the business, so a salary would be a bit unfair, doncha know!

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