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Olympics To Allow State Sanctioned Demonstrations

Jeremy Hunt: London 2012 Olympics will not be 'austerity Olympics' - Telegraph

Jeremy Hunt believes that hosting the Games is an “incredible stroke of luck” during the global economic crisis as it will provide a “huge plus sign” for the struggling British economy. He also says demonstrators will be tolerated as long as their protests are legitimate and lawful.

Oh that is jolly decent of him to tolerate demonstrators, but seeing how they have introduced new laws that prevent anyone being rude about the games if he so decides it isn't exactly that reassuring.

The regulations may apply in respect of advertising of any kind including, in particular—

(a) advertising of a non-commercial nature, and

(b) announcements or notices of any kind.


and where does he get this daft idea of an economic boost? Lloyd-Webber, restauranteurs and hoteliers are all saying that bookings are way down because people just don't want to be in the middle of the security nightmare.

These regulations you mention - they are temporary, right? They only apply to the Olympics, during the period of the Olympics, right?

Has anyone read the small print?

These strike me as the kind of regulations that certain sorts of people would just LOVE to have in place permanently, everywhere.

Are we sure?

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