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Just Add Feathers

You Can't Eat Tar Sands | 350.org

We've known for the last year that the full exploitation of the tar sands would mean "game over" for the climate. This new report puts into stark relief exactly what "game over" looks like: millions upon millions of starving people across the planet.

We couldn't put it anymore succintly and powerfully than the report itself: "Put simply, the potential destructive power in Canada’s oil sands exceeds anything modern civilization has witnessed to date."

I think there is a Venn Diagram somewhere of two unconnected circles one marked "350.org" and one "plot".


So peer review isn't important and it doesn't matter if notes are written by people with a BA.

Who would have thought that Canadians would be the riders of the apocalypse.

That's like a picture of some sweet grandmother baking cookies for her gaggle of grand children... and saying She is SATAN and the cookies will conquer the universe.


They crossed their wires, they were supposed to excoriate [corn] ethanol - not Tar Sands Oil - for taking away food for both humans and many domestic animals.

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