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Tudge Calls For Drudgery

Farming needs Adam Smith's invisible hand, not finance capitalism | Colin Tudge | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Common sense tells us that in a finite world, farming must be low-input, which means as organic as possible. Mixed, low-input farming is complex and must be skills-intensive; there is little advantage in scale-up so the default farm size is small to medium.
Britain now needs a million more farmers – at least 10 times the number at present; closer to 10% of the workforce than today's 1%. For a country with 2.5 million unemployed, including a million young people, many of them graduates, skills-intensive farming should be a godsend – not just a short-term expedient but the permanent base of the economy....
Scientists are paid to give the impression that the status quo works. Successive governments beginning with Margaret Thatcher have closed Britain's network of publically supported agricultural research stations, and/or have gifted them to corporations. University departments have gone the same way. So scientists who seek seriously to be paid must work for corporations, even if they seem to be working for the public weal....
Properly directed science tells us that we need farms that are as diverse as possible

You see- scientists aren't being "properly directed" which is why they aren't backing this call for the return of serfdom.
Once we get the scientists in line then we can get all those people back on the land chopping turnips by hand in the biting easterly winds of February. Of course you and I and Colin Tudge will have important jobs doing the directing but the permanent peasant class will be grateful for our kind and paternal leadership.


"Common sense tells us that in a finite world, farming must be low-input."
Hence the lower input of land and the lower input of labour the better.
That would seem to leave organic out then.

So, capitalism is best at producing foodstuffs, which is why government should take it over from private hands. Wait... What?

Lack of diversity has somewhat worried me for decades - look up the history of bananas. But if the answer is to have, as happened recently, government (EU/Brussels) outlaw the sale of bananas that are "roo curved" then the wrong question has been asked. And if the answer is to replace farm tractors with hitching up people to plows instead, then the questioner is inhumane or ibhuman.

An occasional reminder that we have seemingly intelligent idiots among us does, I suppose, serve a purpose.

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