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Friday Night is Music Night (Etta Edition)

Etta James released from hospital - latimes.com

Blues singer Etta James, who is terminally ill and battling leukemia, was resting at her Riverside home Friday, a day after being released from a Southern California hospital,..

Singer Etta James is "nearing the ends of her time," but her health has improved in recent days allowing doctors to remove the respirator that was helping her breathe, according to her sons' lawyer.


I'd read she was seriously ill, but she will leave an impressive body of work. At her best, one of the greatest (though she's gone up a couple of dress sizes since I last saw a photo).

The famed 'At last' has been used in more films than you can shake a stick at, though my own taste is for the bluesier end of her repertoire... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-59strhDLY

And this clip is of 'I'd rather go blind', not 'I'd rather be a blind..'

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