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The Actual Nanny State

Nanny state makes a meal of child food advice with 80-page guide | The Times

...the Prime Minister has now endorsed an 80-page guide on how to feed toddlers, including “actual size” diagrams of the perfect plastic plate.
Designed for nursery staff who have already received two years’ training, the guide contains useful, if rather basic, information on why it is good for children to eat fruit (for vitamins) and why they should not eat too much sugar (it rots their teeth).
There is a helpful reminder not to feed shark to toddlers, along with exhaustive analysis of the correct portion size, illustrated with pages of thumbnail photos. For those who have forgotten what meat actually is, the definition is there in the “glossary of terms”, which also includes an explanation of the words “week” and “avoid”.
For a Government seeking to cut form-filling, there is a surprising amount of it in the Eat Better, Start Better guide, including a menu planning checklist, with 78 boxes to fill in....

The link seems not to be working this morning so I can't find out why we shouldn't be feeding sharks to toddlers...


The shark advice is on an attached pdf entitled "early_years_food_and_nutrition_guidance". It says "Avoid shark, swordfish or marlin because the levels of mercury in these fish can affect a child’s developing nervous system." Then it says "Avoid raw shellfish to reduce the risk of food poisoning."

Damn, and I was going to make a nice shark liver and raw clam packed lunch for my toddlers - guess I'll have to think again!

I thought it was a typo and they meant to say: "do not feed toddlers to sharks".

Tuna is another one you might have to match the quantities of for small kids, but basically any apex-ish predator is probably something to avoid enormous quantities of.

Too much concentration of "stuff" in their tissues.

Of course, I wouldn't eat a cow that grazed around Chernobyl, nor mushrooms. :-)

I got through on:


You can load the whole thing (3.66 Mb, IIRC) or chapters.

Why not feed shark to toddlers? Sharks would be happy to oblige if things were other way around

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