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Questions In The Guardian We Can Answer Yes To

Are you a 'hate reader'? | Open thread | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Tell us if you deliberately read articles you know you'll dislike, just so you can take issue with them


Would someone who disagreed with Hitler in the 30's be a "hate reader"? Is hate bad? When I was a child I hated polio because my mother had polio was that bad? shouldn't the subject and substance of a persons view on issues be more important then whether they are opposed or in favor of it? Heinrich Himmler favored Nazism was he a hater or a lover????

I think the question is loaded and in the end meaningless.

I don't think that I am a hate reader as such; but in the Guardian I have noticed that whenever the article is about England or Englishness, it very quickly gets inundated by the Scottish National brigade, and then all of sudden it is all about Scotland, how badly treated it is,it's all our fault, we are being subsidised, will go broke without then so England will hang on them to the bitter end, etc etc - you know the kind of comment I refer to.

So I must confess that I am reading the comments on these articles to see if my theory is correct. It is not good for my blood pressure, but in the name of science I persevere ... someone has to do it :)

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