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Preventable Death Toll Rises

Malaria kills twice as many people as previously thought, research finds | Society | The Guardian

Dr Christopher Murray and colleagues have systematically collected data on deaths from all over the world over a 30-year period, from 1980 to 2010, using new methodologies and inventive ways of measuring mortality in countries where deaths are not conventionally recorded.

"inventive ways of measuring" sets my sensors twitching, but whatever, recognising malaria is still a major problem is important. A problem we could have solved if it hadn't been for one woman and a hysterical campaign.


The "green" death toll keeps rising. Sadly this is all about the greens no admiting they were wrong about DDT. Millions die every year, most of them young children but the green movement dare not admit they were wrong even if it saves those lives. Rachel Carson has killed more people with her pseudo-science then Hitler did with his left wing fascism.

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