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Grassed Up By Your Car Keys

Smart keys catch fraudsters | The Sunday Times

Insurance investigators and police have revealed they are using data stored on car keys in criminal investigations. Smart ignition keys record the distance travelled by the vehicle on its last journey as well as total mileage. They are being issued by a growing number of car companies — a fact that is not advertised and that most motorists are likely to be unaware of.
If an owner maintains that a car involved in an accident had been stolen from them, for example, police or insurers can retrieve the key from the owner and compare the mileage with the odometer to check whether the claim is true. If a driver claims he has no key, insurers may be unwilling to pay out, arguing the alleged theft was down to the owner’s negligence.

All this smart technology at work, but who for?


Looks like we'll have to wrap our car keys in tin foil as well as our passports and credit cards!

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