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Actors In Glass Houses

Sean Penn should return his Malibu estate to the Mexicans – Telegraph Blogs

His continued occupation of Malibu is an unacceptable mockery of national self-determination. The Mexicans owned that stretch of real estate well into the early 19th century and it was stolen by the Americans in a naked act of imperialist aggression. America’s claim over Malibu is tenuous and rooted in patriarchy. Sean Penn’s house is a mocking reminder of that brute chauvinism, with its high white walls and spacious interiors. Its swimming pool is an insult to the honour of the Mexican people.

I'm not quite sure who Sean Penn is, I think he is famous for giving Madonna a seeing to or was that someone else? But I gather he is pronouncing on the Falklands and our rights to them.


I get your point and the irony. But I would point out that prior to the Spanish invading Mexico and moving their influence North that native (non-Mexican) Indians live in these places NOT Mexicans. The Indians were quite territorial and didn't allow illegal aliens to enter until the Spanish with their greater firepower and armor pushed them out of these lands. So the Mexicans don't have any legitimate rights to those lands either.

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