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Richard Black Shocked

BBC News - Openness: A Heartland-warming tale

One thing that's clear from the documents is that the Heartland Institute is largely behind the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), a project that purports to mirror the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) by producing reports downplaying the extent of global warming as well as the involvement of greenhouse gas emissions in producing it.

Gosh Richard, you don't mean to say that the NIPPC which openly boasts of being supported by the Heartland Institute is supported by the Heartland Institute. A journalistic scoop if ever I saw one.

(I haven't spotted any other shocking revelation though others may differ.)


You may well find the only shocking revelation in all this is that the papers were faked according to wuwt.
If so legal action ensues. Brilliant! The Guardian might well be feeling the heat from all this.

Richard Black is funny. Anyone who knows anything could ascertain that the Heartland Institute supports the NIPCC, it's not "climate" science to check after all! Hope he checked the story first before jumping in with both feet.

...whereas all the warmists are funded by Governments, who have of course no axe to grind, no agenda, no horse in this race, no interest at all in the outcome, oh no, of course not.

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Hi, Marie! Or should I say, Your Majesty. Long time no see!

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