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Watermelons by Delingpole - I haven't enjoyed anything as much since my granny caught her tit in the mangle.

Watermelons: How the Environmentalists are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy and Stealing Your Children's Future - James Delingpole

You know Dellers - the hyper writer on the Telegraph blogs who launches like a pitbull with Deep Heat on its ring at the warmists and their fellow travellers. You know his book is going to be funny and fearless. What you may not know is how seriously he comprehensively builds his argument. How clearly he marshals the facts, the dates and the players to explain the battles. I probably have been reading and commentating on this for as long as any UK blogger but even so it is a fascinating book as it ties the bigger picture together.

Our global response to the threat of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming - CAGW is the biggest story out there. It is our Cold War. Dellers says our enemy's missiles are made of toilet rolls and sticky backed plastic, gearing our whole economy to fight the threat is not just wrong, it is dangerous. And that whilst their weapons maybe be bumf the enemy is seriously dangerous.

You may think he is wrong, you may think he overstates the case, you may think he is right on the button, whatever, this book is essential reading in understanding this great debate. It is also great fun.

You must get a copy!


Just think how much it would wind up the leftards if dozens of people descended on their local library to request a copy. I think that's my first job tomorrow morning.

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