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David Mitchell - Why?

David Mitchell - The Observer

The web is full of opinions, but without knowing the authors' motives for posting them why should we pay them any attention?

I agree, I have never worked out what David Mitchell's motives are, I presume it is some sort of writing therapy for retired comics, so I will continue to ignore him.


Surely he is simply the latest incarnation of the sneering leftie (cf Jeremy Hardie, Ben Elton, etc) required on all BBC and Channel 4 current affairs programmes? They are ubiquitous until the evils of capitalism (and the munificance of the Tristans with Licence fee loot) means that they need to retire/go to Australia,/register themselves as a corporation/become resident in Gozo etc. Then the BBC needs to find another one. See also, standard fairy comedian, lame sketch comedy duo whose first series was quite funny but are now on their 6th with no noticeable new material, unattractive female lefty with standard line on how crap men are and fine line in swear words, etc etc. Oh no, the last one isn't him.

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