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Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make

‘Big Brother’ to record phone and web details | The Times

Every e-mail, phone call and website visit is to be recorded and stored for a year under legislation planned for the next session of Parliament.
The security services will also have access to who has been contacting each other on social network sites under a revised version of plans originally proposed by the last Labour government.
The revised plan, signalled in October 2010 in the Strategic Defence and Security Review, comes despite a promise by the Government to “end the storage of internet and e-mail records without good reason”.

And nobody notices...


I have, have no fear - and I am not alone in the blogosphere!

I live in Spain, so I am free from this nonsense for the moment. But it will come. The Tor button, for example, doesn't seem to work here, and it is no longer possible to buy a phone that isn't linked to a name and a bank account.

As with Witterings....., as long as we are able to highlight such stupid and dangerous ideas, they (our would-be masters) cannot be certain that they can get away with their plans.

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