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The Dehumanising of Rights

Whales and dolphins are so intelligent they deserve same rights as humans, say experts - Nature - Environment - The Independent

No, No, and No again. Forget lovable Flipper for a moment, as soon as we link intelligence to having human rights we are slipping down the ugly route of eugenics where idiots, the insane and the Untermenschen no longer have rights and can be disposed of.

Humans have human rights because they are humans.

Wales and dolphins shouldn't be treated cruelly because it offends our notions of fairness and charity, not because they have our rights and obligations.


Agreed, but we have already reached the Eugenics tipping point. All this hype about "Anthropomorphic Global Warming" and "Climate Change" is driving toward reducing people to population control.

I agree about Wales -)

Dolphins are more deserving of human rights than the morons who say they are. (Was that opaque enough?)

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