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Potty Motion

Climate change deniers are crackpots, says Motion | The Times

Global-warming deniers are crackpots as bad as those who thought the Earth was flat, according to Sir Andrew Motion, the new president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

Sir Andrew said: “I understand there are people who are global warming deniers. I think they’re modern-day crackpots, they’re flat-earthers. I think they’re wrong but their point of view has to be acknowledged and become part of the conversation. Perhaps you have to do the same about people who think the world was made in a week — deny it.” He added that the only thing to be said for climate change deniers was that they kept scientists on their toes.
The CPRE campaigns on issues such as farming, housing, climate change and litter. Sir Andrew said: “Fighting for these kinds of things has never felt so important before. It’s very important, as you fight it, that everyone feels they can belong.”

Yes, calling climate change sceptics "deniers" really makes them feel that they can belong, not.


Is that the same Andrew Motion who writes rhymes? Just read through his details on Wikipedia and there is a complete lack of any scientific qualifications. I do notice that he is (or was) a professor at the University of East Anglia.

The CPRE campaigns on issues such as farming, housing, climate change and litter.

Then why does he not get off his flabby arse & go intod the countryside to riase awareness of the near irrepairable damage being done to the countryside from Windfarms, the economic damage to farming by the EU Agricultural Policy, the lack of affordable housing for local communities, oh & take a binliner & a sharp stick & pick up the rubbish being dumped in it, this Rural England he purports to Campaign to Protect!!! To date I have heard nothing from him of significance. ;-)

His comments are a lot of motion. With an attitude like that he may well find that he loses a lot of subscribers to CPRE, they probably have some of the most vociferous objectors to wind farms in their ranks. The same thing has happened to other conservation bodies such as RSPB, taken over by eco freaks and diverting from why they were set up. Thank goodness National Trust has redressed the balance somewhat with Simon Jenkins now there.

for Poetry in Motion

Google 'Bristol Stool Chart'

I was at school with this twit. He was away with the fairies even back then. An archetypal literature luvvie. I, OTOH, was into science.

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