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Cold Homes Kill More Than Cars

Over 9 million could be living in fuel poverty by 2016 - Green Living - Environment - The Independent

Ed Matthew, of Transform UK, said: "More people die every year in the UK from living in a cold home than die on our roads. Millions more struggle to make ends meet in the face of high energy bills. This is a national scandal."

Camco reckons that if the Government's annual £4bn revenue were recycled to households to spend on energy efficiency measures, it would be enough to bring nine out of 10 households out of fuel poverty. It could also be used to create 200,000 jobs ......

So you increase the taxes on fuels to make people use less and then give the money back to people who can't afford to buy fuel so they can.....


At at ever pass in that operation the bureaucracy takes a very modest cut, probably no more than 40%, to administer their good works.

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