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Get The Olympic Look

London 2012 Look Book

This website is designed to give you ideas and guidance about how you can celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 in your area and to purchase Look items.
You have been given access to this site as a named contact for your organisation. To purchase any products shown on this site you, on behalf of your organisation, must agree to Icon's Terms and Conditions of purchase. These include an obligation to follow the London 2012 Look: Brand Protection Guidelines which include rules about where and when Look items can be displayed. Note that special rules apply if you are hosting any events in the places you propose to display Look. You should read the guidelines before selecting items to purchase to ensure the manner in which you are planning to use them will comply with the guidelines. This site also provides information about planting or mowing any London 2012 themed displays and includes some relevant guidelines and terms and conditions which you will be deemed to accept by using any of the planting and mowing templates provided on the site. Please also ensure you have read these before undertaking any London 2012 themed planting or mowing.

Golly, I must register to then be given the style book before I'm allowed to mow my grass if I want it to have the Olympic Look, and I expect I will have wear special clothes in a special way before I'm allowed to approach the mighty Olympic Organisers.

As they haven't yet sent me my password I am having to guess what the Olympic Look will look like - something like this?



You prescient or something ?

Alan Douglas

Oh that got a snort of laughter from me, unfortunately as I was enjoying Daughter's Chicken Kiev... look at this mess.

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