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Tax The Windmills

Forget mansion tax. We need a windmill tax | The Times (£)

Alice Thomson

....The Treasury is poring over ways to make more cash to plug the deficit in the Budget this month, whether from the disabled, middle-class mothers or bankers in £2 million white stuccoed houses. But one group is still receiving massive handouts — the dukes and earls of this kingdom.
Many are in receipt of a large government cheque not because they live on a desolate council estate surrounded by unemployment but because they are sitting on their own estates. Their undeserved windfall comes from permitting the building of wind farms on their rolling acres.
Ah, you might say, but they should be compensated for allowing these ugly monstrosities on their land; it must be irritating to glimpse a turbine as they look out of the drawing-room windows. But the sums involved are worth as much as their grand masters. They wouldn’t scribble over their Constables, but they are happy to spoil some of the most beautiful moorlands and mountains of Britain to get cash.....


Get rid of the bloody windmills you mean.

Leftist folly at it grandest.

Pay serious money and guaranteed returns to people who stick up the damn things despite them being a economic and visual disaster.

Realize people are laughing all the way to the bank

Tax the the things no one who otherwise have done and from which all the income is coming from the government anyway..

"the sums involved are worth as much as their grand masters" ... What's this got to do with chess - surely shome mishtake? Journalists these days...

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