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Who Needs Teacher When You Can JFGI

BBC News - Pupils ask search engines ahead of parents, survey says

Children in the UK prefer using Google to asking their parents or teachers when they have a question, a snapshot survey suggests.

Some 54% of the 500 children asked said Google and other search engines were their first port of call when seeking information, pushing parents into second place on 26%.

Only 3% would ask their teacher.

Only 3%! Kids aren't stupid. the teaching unions will try to prevent the information revolution change the way children are taught for as long as possible but the kids have twigged and eventually the adults will as well.

FJGI? Look it up.


Hmmmm. The post title has JFGI, and the post itself has FJGI. So I spent too much time looking for FJGI, and found a guitartist of some sort.

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