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How Many Green Jobs In Scotland

Scottish green energy drive 'may create only 300 jobs' - Telegraph

Richard Marsh, a renewable power economist, said the First Minister and green energy companies are “greatly exaggerating” the supposed benefits of their plan for a new swathe of wind and wave farms.
While they insist that 48,600 jobs will be created by the end of the decade, he said the real number of long-term posts is more likely to be 1,100 but could be as low as 300.
He said diverting public funding into the industry instead of projects where it would have more economic impact in effect means that every renewable power job costs 3.7 posts that would have arisen elsewhere.
But the Scottish Executive last night described Mr Marsh’s figures as “completely wrong” because jobs are already being created in the development of new green technologies and upgraded its own estimates further.
A spokesman claimed 70,000 people are working in the “low carbon economy” and this figure will increase to 130,000 by 2002.(sic)


They also have peer reviewed reports of flying haggis sighted north of the border as well!

"A spokesman claimed 70,000 people are working in the “low carbon economy”"

I have no doubt, no doubt at all, that a huge number of people has jumped on the bandwagon; why would you not, follow the money after all. Some young relatives of mine work in the windfarm racket as it happens - good luck to them.

But it doesn't alter the fact that the country would be a whole lot better off if these (intelligent, charming, well-qualified - well my nephews and nieces are anyway) were doing something productive with their well-paid time.

And our leccie bills would be lower, too, 'cos that's where the money comes from.

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