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Jonathan Leake PR Hack

It’s the age of mankind, officially | The Sunday Times

Jonathan Leake, Science Editor

Scientists are to announce the start of a new phase of geological time to mark the huge impact of humans on the planet.

They argue that humanity is having such a powerful effect on the Earth’s geological processes that they must declare an end to the Holocene, the era covering the 11,500 years since the last ice age, and the start of the Anthropocene — the “age of man”.

Except of course it isn't "officially" - it is just PR hype for the Royal Society's Blatherfest


I wonder what the paper thinks 'official' means. Someone faxed the newsdesk so it's official? This is a silly idea which has been around for years. Geologists, palaeontologists and palaeoanthropoligists just shrug because they have a perfectly good term already which anyone who needs to understand it understands. Changing that name makes no sense to anyone but political lobbyists, who are of course laughed at by people who do real work. Who do they think is going to make that change? The commonly used period names are recognised by consensus among the peopel who need to talk about them to each other. As it happens they all have a meaning of some kind but what matters is that they exist and can be used as convenient shorthand. They could be random numbers for all the difference it would make.

After hubris, nemesis.

The Ice Age will be back soon*, then maybe the warmists will finally shut up.

* soon in geological times, that is; but when it does happen, it happens quickly.

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