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Cottonwool Britain

Minister wants to wrap Britain in 8in of cladding | The Sunday Times

BRITAIN’S suburbs are about to get an environmental makeover. Eight million homes from the Victorian, Edwardian and other periods could be clad with up to 8in of insulation under a government scheme to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The thick layer will save householders hundreds of pounds a year in energy bills, but will transform the appearance of homes. The insulation is topped with render that can be painted, sometimes in the style of the original brickwork or in a colour of the householder’s choice.

The plan is being promoted by Greg Barker, the climate change minister.....


Did the paper print that article a week early?

8in of insulation?

Sounds like they expecting global cooling rather than global warming.

after all those old Victorian era homes were embarrassing the modern ones with their style, so now we're going to make them all ugly.

A hare-brained scheme such as this is only to be expected from Barker, the man's a grade one plonker.

What Henry Crun said.

Only a public sector entity could come up with a hare brained scheme like this one!

Anyone told English Heritage about it? Oh ... that must be why every paramedic is parked outside Queen Anne's Mansions ....

Barker by name, barking by nature.

And will go so far over budget that it will have to be severely curtailed and finally abandoned.

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