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Olympics - A Rich Person's Games

Public still slow to warm to this summer's Olympics - UK Politics - UK - The Independent

More than half the public thinks the London Olympics will not be worth the taxpayers' money that has been spent on them, according to a survey for The Independent. The ComRes poll found that 51 per cent of people disagree with the statement that the Games will be worth the 」9.3bn cost to the public purse; 40 per cent agree with the statement and 9 per cent replied "don't know." ...
More people in the top AB group (49 per cent) think the cost is justified than do not (42 per cent). But the opposite is the case among other social classes, suggesting that the Olympics could be seen as a "rich person's event"...
David Cameron ...insisted that the cost of the Olympics could be justified because they could inspire Britain's young people and "have the power to change people's lives". He added: "Every government has to be very careful with public money. We have been with this budget. I am proud of the fact that we are coming in on time and on budget."

"on budget"?

London bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics -

As of the time of the bid ..the organising committee laid out the following figures:
£560 million for new venues, including £250 million for the Olympic Stadium.
£650 million for the Olympic village.
£1.5 billion to run the Games.
£200 million on security..

Under £3 Billion - not the £9 billion now reported...


Only 3X the original estimate? Your folks are doing fairly well. My experience with government projects is that wee're lucky is the cost doesn't have another zero tacked on to it.

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