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Shock Research - Poor People Buy Cheap Food

Cheap supermarkets linked to weight | UK news | The Guardian

Customers of cut price supermarkets are likely to be heavier and fatter than those who shop at expensive city centre stores, say researchers....

There was a "strong interaction" between education levels and discount shopping. The association between shopping in a hard discount store and greater body weight was "markedly stronger for lower education levels" said the researchers. Conversely, people who shopped in organic stores were much more likely to have a lower BMI and slimmer waists.

Strategies targeting food-buying behaviour in specific supermarkets may be an "efficient strategy" because supermarkets "are the very place where dietary preferences are concretely materialised and translated into a definite set of purchased foods", they said.

Ghastly fat stupid people, we must tell them what to eat and buy, so they can become slim, rich and and beautiful like us.


"There was a "strong interaction" between education levels and discount shopping."

Absolutely right. The brighter ones amongst us don't fall for the organic con and are happy to pay less for good quality products.

The correlation between BMI and shopping habits may be more to do with a sedentary lifestyle rather than the produce on offer in discount stores. Perhaps our leaders may wish to focus their tremendous intellects on getting their people back to work rather than piddle around. DennisA above is quite correct.

And linked to cheapness is them effing about with its constitution. Everyone needs a farm nearby.

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